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Bicycles against school dropout in rural areas


In India, there is an increase in school drop-outs among students in rural areas, especially after completing primary education, given the difficulty of moving to the institute.

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Fundación Vicente Ferrer


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Government secondary education centers in rural Andhra Pradesh are generally far from students home villages, with distances varying from two to five kilometers. The lack of adequate means of transportation often leads families to decide that their children, and especially their daughters, stay at home for fear of something happening on the way to school.

This project of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation consists of the distribution of bicycles to girls and adolescent boys of the area of ​​Kothacheruvu, region of Bathalapalli. This makes it possible to overcome the problem of displacement and it is more likely that families will accept that their daughters and sons can continue their studies.

The aim is to provide the means for a better future for these young people, particularly in the case of girls, bearing in mind that women will be less vulnerable than they are today to the extent that they have more resources and knowledge.


  • Identification of beneficiary students
  • Buying bicycles
  • Distribution of bicycles
  • Meeting with teachers to follow up the attendance and performance of students

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

With 1.700€, 34 bicycles will be provided to Kothacheruvu teenagers and will give access to them to secondary education.

Obiettivi del progetto

To ensure secondary education for young people in Kothacheruvu.

To foster equal opportunities for boys and girls, in order to promote their integral development and empowerment.

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