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Building opportunities cent by cent


People with intellectual or vulnerable disability have the right, like all people, to education, to health, to work, to citizen participation, to decide for themselves, to have a dignified life, with fullness and quality of life

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    • Viena clienti 120.458€
  • Beneficiari diretti 40

    Quelle persone che in maniera naturale hanno tratto beneficio dalle azioni portate avanti dal progetto

  • Beneficiari indiretti 20.000

    Quelle persone identificabili che ricevono un effetto potenziale dalle azioni portate avanti dal progetto.



  • Materiali 120.458€
  • Totale 120.458€


AMPANS accompanies people with intellectual disabilities or vulnerabilities so that they can develop their life projects, guarding their rights, offering support and creating opportunities that make it possible.

Work is one of the axes that make people able to live fully, feel useful and contribute to society. People with disabilities have the right to work and must have the necessary supports to carry them out. AMPANS helps people with intellectual disabilities who can achieve and maintain a place of work in standardized environments. But when the incorporation into the business world is not possible, the foundation creates adapted jobs, with a wide range of possibilities to find the right place for each person. The diversification of work projects, from a garden to a cheese shop, among many other sectors, allows to generate employment for very diverse profiles of people with intellectual disabilities or vulnerable.

One of the job insertion projects that AMPANS wants to promote is an agrosocial tourism project on the Urpina farm, in the heart of Catalonia.


  • Build the tasting room
  • Prepare materials and design workshops for schools and team building
  • Exhibition on the cheese making process

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

0 people with the creation of adapted jobs.

20,000 people are expected to spend annually on the farm to participate in the different activities that will be carried out (inclusive workshops, visits, team building, tasting of wines and cheese and tourist activities with social message)

Obiettivi del progetto

Creation of new jobs for people with intellectual disabilities, in the agrosocial project that AMPANS develops in the farm Urpina (Bages).

Social awareness for the social and occupational inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

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