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Combat loneliness and isolation of the elderly in summer

Catalunya, Madrid y Valencia - Spagna

Far too many seniors face the prospect of aging alone, with no family, no friends and no one to talk to or share their everyday joys and sorrows with. They often feel shut out and left behind and believe that happiness is no longer within their grasp. In summer this feeling of isolation increases.

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Fundació Amics de la Gent Gran


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Federación Amigos de los Mayores provides support to lonely elders by creating a caring, committed extended family around them, dedicated to alleviating their isolation and being by their side throughout their remaining years.

Due to the increased feeling of isolation during the summer, the NGO offers a special program “Vacaciones Amigas” that aims to allow older people the opportunity to leave their homes, enjoy workshops and activities for a few weeks and establish new friendships.
Through these activities, they can experience the warmth of an extended family, make meaningful connections and receive the support they need.


  • Call eldery people to break with the monotony of the day. 
  • Provide weekly visit from a volunteer at the home of an elderly person.  
  • Provide to an elderly person the opportunity to spend one week in community.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

The major beneficiary profile of Federación Amigos de los Mayores is a woman of 83 years with a mild to medium level of dependency, living in a big city (Barcelona, Badalona , Madrid, Valencia).


Obiettivi del progetto

The main objective is that most people regain self-esteem, maintain personal and social development and reduce their dependence on medical resources.

The intergenerational interactions will allow a greater social inclusion for the elderly.


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