Progetto finanziato

Ensure refugees security and protection


On 30th June 2017, according to data from UNHCR there were 70 million people who had been forcibly displaced as a result of war, violence and persecution.

Finanaziato grazie a :
  • Donanti
  • Totale finanziato
    • Banc Sabadell clienti 15.000€
  • Beneficiari diretti 150

    Quelle persone che in maniera naturale hanno tratto beneficio dalle azioni portate avanti dal progetto

  • Beneficiari indiretti 300

    Quelle persone identificabili che ricevono un effetto potenziale dalle azioni portate avanti dal progetto.

Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (CEAR)


  • Personale 15.000€
  • Totale 15.000€


CEAR is a non-profit organization founded in 1979 with the aim to defend the right to asylum. Inspired by values such as justice, solidarity, freedom, equality, independence, ethical commitment, plurality, transparency, participation and coherence, CEAR works to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights and the full development of refugees, stateless persons and migrants who are in need of international protection and/or exposed to social exclusion.

CEAR´s intervention model aims to promote the full development of migrants, refugees and stateless persons through their complete integration into society. Grounding the individual, group or community intervention on proximity, avoiding homogenization of circumstances and acknowledging the unique value and abilities of each person, interventions aim to be comprehensive and complementary, considering the bio-psycho-social and economic factors of each individual.

Regarding the individual at the center, CEAR´s intervention model implements Individualized Itineraries that aim at responding to the different needs that may arise through the implementation of different actions: legal counselling, orientation/information, reception-accommodation measures, social intervention, language training, phycological counselling, labor integration, leisure activities, etc.


The model of social intervention is articulated in four complementary work areas:

  • Reception Area: to enhance welfare, autonomy and dignity of the people.
  • Social Area: to provide social and psychological care.
  • Training and Employment Area: to develop their skills to be employed
  • Legal Area: to assist applicants for international protection, and advice and defense before the authorities and the courts of justice.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

It will be possible to cover 150 stays in CEAR reception centers to ensure that families have basic needs, shelter, health expenses, psychosocial care, clothing, consumer goods, supplies and general services, transportation and also a continued social, psychological and legal accompaniment covered.

Obiettivi del progetto

Receive and protect refugee families who arrive in Spain, who have fled their countries due to armed conflicts, victims of serious human rights violations and other violent situations so that they may receive adequate shelter.

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