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School lunch for children at risk of exclusion


In Spain, the number of boys and girls at risk of poverty or social exclusion reaches almost 2.5 million, that is, one in three. It is the most vulnerable group in all the autonomous communities. These minors are growing up with greater difficulties to develop their full capacities and enjoy the same opportunities as others. One of the direct consequences of this situation is malnutrition.

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The context of the current COVID-19 pandemic has particularly affected the rights of these children and adolescents and especially the right to a quality and equitable education. The closure of schools, the suspension of face-to-face classes and distance learning has occurred at a time when many families have also seen their economic situation worsened. Inequality is increasing to the point that part of the student body faces a triple gap: economic, social and educational.


In this context, the school cafeteria becomes a protection space to guarantee two basic rights: food and education.


The Educo Comedor Scholarship program guarantees infants and toddlers in vulnerable situations a complete, hot and balanced meal that they enjoy with their classmates in the school. The families of these boys and girls have not been able to access the public scholarships for the school canteen or have partially agreed and cannot cover the rest of the cost.


Educo dining scholarships not only guarantee a healthy and balanced diet for boys and girls from families with financial difficulties. They are also an important factor for the integration of these children in school and help them improve their performance.


Deliver scholarships to cover the expenses of the school canteen for children of families with economic difficulties.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

Children at risk of exclusion will receive a daily meal in their school during one year.

Obiettivi del progetto

To ensure a full and healthy meal a day to children at risk of poverty and social exclusion.


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