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Fight against childhood leukemia


Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children under 14 years old in many countries.

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Fundación Unoentrecienmil


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More than 300 children are diagnosed with childhood leukemia every year in Spain, almost one per day, and 2 out of 10 cases do not exceed it. At the Foundation Unoentrecienmil they do not comply with this 80% cure rate, they want 10 out of 10 cases diagnosed to be cured and that children are playing in the park, away from the harsh chemoprocesses. Their goal is that, not too far away in time, doctors can tell families at the difficult moment of diagnosis: "Do not worry, it's just leukemia." And that it can be cured like a cold. But there is only one way to get to that point: investigate.

The Foundation Unoentrecienmil was born in 2012 with the aim of supporting the research of childhood leukemia in an opportunity to develop innovative projects whose benefits are 100% dedicated to the investigation of childhood leukemia.

Every year they give an economic scholarship to a reputed researcher in the country so that the research can continue. Without research there is no future, it is the only thing that can achieve the integral healing of leukemia.


  • Provide a two-year research grant that will allow a medical-scientific team to work continuously in the investigation of childhood leukemia.
  • Convene publicly the scholarship, evaluate the received candidatures and select the research team to which the scholarship will be awarded.
  • Ensure a smooth communication between the Foundation Unoentrecienmil, the winning research team and the center where the research is carried out.
  • Carry out the corresponding follow-up through reporting and a final evaluation.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

With your help it will be possible to support the investigation of childhood leukemia through the research grant of Unoentrecienmil. This scholarship will benefit researchers, doctors, children suffering from leukemia and their families.

Obiettivi del progetto

Deepen the knowledge of childhood leukemia to generate new treatments that advance in the cure of this disease.

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