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Lunar station

Madrid - Spagna

The lunar station can only be visited for a certain time when it is necessary to do some type of study or exploration. It is a privileged place to see the stars, the universe and hear wonderful stories.

Finanaziato grazie a :
  • Donanti
  • Totale finanziato
    • Banc Sabadell clienti 15.000€
  • Beneficiari diretti 100

    Quelle persone che in maniera naturale hanno tratto beneficio dalle azioni portate avanti dal progetto

  • Beneficiari indiretti 300

    Quelle persone identificabili che ricevono un effetto potenziale dalle azioni portate avanti dal progetto.

Fundación Juegaterapia


  • Materiali 15.000€
  • Totale 15.000€


The Lunar Station is an initiative of the Juegaterapia Foundation, in collaboration with the La Paz Hospital in Madrid, to condition the Pediatric Onco-hematology Unit. It is a very sensitive unit where child patients and their families may be forced into protracted earnings.

The project consists of the integral renovation of a room of the Unit and the conditioning of the corridors. The theme chosen is space, and all elements of the project refer to it in a more literal or more evocative way. Here children become astronauts, and isolation is part of a very special mission; their recovery.


Conditioning of a hospital room, combining physical elements such as the lunar capsule, which encourages the child to move and inhabit the place beyond the bed, with technological solutions that allow them to control some aspects of the room, such as lighting, games or a lot of audiovisual content.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

With 15.000 €, a room will be conditioned so that 100 children can travel to the lunar stationduring one year and recover.

Obiettivi del progetto

Generate an atmosphere that helps children to become distracted, channel their emotions and expand, as far as possible, the range of activities they have access to during their stay in the hospital.

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