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Protect old forest in the Mediterranean region

Barcelona - Spagna

Within the Iberian region, a considerable percentage of the species that are the most threatened with the risk of extinction, depend on the survival and existence of old growth forests. The preservation of these types of forests is key to preserve and protect biodiversity, which depends on undisturbed or very little disturbed habitats.

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Acciónatura is an NGO that aims to mobilize civil society and organizations in the preservation of the last standing old growth forests in the Mediterranean area.

With this project, the NGO aims to preserve the last existing  Mediterranean old forest by buying it to avoid that forest and trees which are centuries old and that have configured themselves and it's forest ecosystem as a unique and irreplaceable habitat for local flora and fauna disappear.

For example, in Catalonia – the Autonomous Community which has advanced a lot in the determination and classification of these forests- the area of mature forests endangered, is already less than 2% of their woodlands.


To do stumpage acquisition (25 years) aimed at the possible maximum number of forests.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

With €1500, 7,895m2 of an old forest will be preserved and the biodiversity of the area will remain intact and will continue to grow. 


Obiettivi del progetto

Buy and preserve an old growth forest from Catalonia

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