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Reducing child abandonment and family disintegration


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OAfrica is a non-governmental non-profit organization working in Ghana whose mission is to empower vulnerable children and young adults whose rights have been compromised.

The main problem is that these vulnerable populations perpetuate poverty through successive generations because they do not have the means to leave it or to endow their children with the necessary resources to do so in the future by building an extremely vicious circle of poverty difficult to break, sending them in many cases to orphanages without being orphaned.

The OAfrica Family Support program is an initiative implemented to keep children out of orphanages and in their own families. Specially trained social workers locate families and assess whether minors can meet with them. Then an individualized care plan (food, school and medical costs) is developed to ensure that the child receives the necessary care and supports the family to grow up healthy and happy within their own family.


  • Identification of the families and evaluation of the degree of vulnerability.
  • Aid to carry out income-generating activities.
  • Payment of school fees and teaching materials.
  • Nutritional support through assessment and identification of needs.
  • Resettlement and housing.
  • Courses to develop the skills and abilities of parents.
  • Access to social services of the government with the accompaniment of a technician.
  • Legal support.
  • Counseling and medical support, with special attention to HIV, disability and trauma.
  • Child follow-up and protection with psychological support.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

With 1.200 €, an individualized plan of care for 10 children can be offered for 1 year.

Obiettivi del progetto

To reduce child neglect and family breakdown in Ghana.

To provide the necessary tools to cover the basic needs of adequate food and clothing, access to housing, health care, education, psychological and/or emotional support and the right to a secure future.

To empower families so they can get out of poverty.

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Family Support Program (video - Spanish)

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