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Right to rural education in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

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Street Child


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Since its inception in 2008, Street Child has been working to help vulnerable and street-connected children, in both urban and rural areas, to access education. The charity now works in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nepal, and over the last five years it has directly helped over 20,000 children to attend school, as well as providing key materials and facilities to enable a further 20,000 to access education. In Sierra Leone, rural communities in particular face significant barriers to education for their children: it is often necessary to travel long distances to school and the quality of education is often very poor and delivered by teachers who are unable to access training and lesson preparation materials. Inadequate buildings for school facilities and a high level of poverty provide further barriers to rural children attending school.


  • Construction of one rural school.
  • Training one teachers to achieve the government-recognised Teaching Certificate.
  • Execution of the school year activities.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

With 4,500 €, one teacher will be trained and one basic rural school will be built, providing access to education to 200 children over a period of 3 years.

For each donated euro, the 'UK Aid Match' (UKAM), an initiative of the UK government, will also donate a euro.

Obiettivi del progetto

To provide access to education to children living in rural areas of Sierra Leone.

To improve educational level of rural schools.

To reduce rural-urban inequalities in children's education.

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