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Social inclusion through music education


The purpose of this program is to facilitate access to music education for low -income students from different nationalities.

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Fundación Música Creativa


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Fundación Música Creativa is a non-profit organization, created in 2008 to carry out social impact projects through music.

Through the BECAS program, the foundation offers students with musical abilities the possibility of studying official studies in the field of Jazz and Modern Music. The scholarships are aimed at musicians who have a professional level or equivalent and do not have the resources to pursue these studies. To do so, they must present themselves in a public call and a commission composed of experts in the field of musical training prepares a list of pre-selected ones. Subsequently, the preselected must pass a musical test and a personal interview.

Last year, 19 students were awarded scholarships and with your help, the next year we will be able to receive many more!


• Offer a musical education based on the languages of Jazz and current music.
• Train the student in achieving their artistic and professional aspirations.
• Train in values using artistic disciplines.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

3 young people with talent for music will receive a scholarship so they can complete their musical studies.

Obiettivi del progetto

Achieve a social inclusion of young people with few resources through music education.

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