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Social integration through sport

Madrid - Spagna

Sport and educational reinforcement are two key tools to help children at risk of social exclusion.

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Red Deporte y Cooperación


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Cañada Real (Madrid) presents a high risk of social exclusion. Access to basic services such as education is very limited and the percentage of people without education is 47%. The conditions of Cañada Real resemble those of countries with a low rate of development, being well below the Spanish average.

Fundación Red Deporte y Cooperación (Red Deporte) is an entity that has been promoting education, health and integration programs through sports for 17 years. In Cañada Real, they have developed a project that contributes to break the patterns of marginality in which their inhabitants are immersed, more specifically children and young people. All through the activities that they love the most and for which they feel a natural attraction: play, physical activity and sports. The constructive use of free time by children and young people is essential to achieve greater adherence to the educational system.

Through this program, Red Deporte manages to reduce the school failure and drop-out rate through the organization of a football after-school program and after-school study and strengthen the development of life skills among vulnerable children.


  • Organization of sports training, especially football, carried out throughout the week.
  • Promotion of women's football among the Moroccan and gypsy communities.
  • Organization of friendly competitions.
  • Organization of conferences and thematic meetings such as the day of women's football or the day of interculturality.

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With your help, it will be possible to integrate 50 children belonging to the most disadvantaged minorities through sports training.

Obiettivi del progetto

Integrate children belonging to the most disadvantaged minorities of Cañada Real (Madrid) through activities related to sports.

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