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Therapy dogs for children with autism

Madrid - Spagna

Therapy dogs for children with autism can increase their motivation and, consequently, improve the results of the therapy they are following.

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    Quelle persone che in maniera naturale hanno tratto beneficio dalle azioni portate avanti dal progetto

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Fundación Bocalán


  • Personale 1.662€
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People with autism show alterations in their communication and social interactions, causing them difficulties in understanding social behaviors, as well as difficulties in the language.

Through assisted therapy with dogs it is possible to increase the motivation of children with autism, achieving the objectives established in the therapy with greater effectiveness and efficiency:

Increased attention
The dog captures the child's attention and encourages their participation in the therapy.

Decontextualizes the intervention
The interventions always supposes an effort for the children, however, the participation of the dogs produces a fun and surprising environment that modifies the context of habitual therapy. In addition, children associate the dog with positive emotions so learning with these animals makes them develop learning related to these emotions.

Rapid achievement of objectives
By increasing their participation in interventions, the proposed objectives are achieved faster than with another type of intervention.


  • Analysis: Bocalán Foundation interviews the professionals who work with children or their families. Based on the information collected, they select the objectives to be worked on and the methodology to be used for their evaluation.
  • Intervention: Bocalán goes to the center in which the therapy takes place with his canine team and works on the objectives that were agreed in the analysis phase, with the dog as a positive stimulus for the children.
  • Follow-up: follow-ups are carried out with the professionals or families to evaluate the progress of the children and adapt the intervention to the results.
  • Evaluation: the whole project and its benefits are evaluated.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

With € 2,000, 10 children with autism will benefit from assisted therapy with dogs for four months.

Obiettivi del progetto

Improve the quality of life of children with autism and increase their motivation through dog-assisted therapy.

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