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Funding for the "CompensaNatura" nature balance program

Catalunya - Spain

Take part in a collective effort to save the last standing Mediterranean old-growth forests in Spain, and the Ecuadorian tropical forests.

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Would you like to help preserve exceptional wildlife habitats for present and future generations, but you don’t know how, and in what measure? Step up for nature and take part in an easy to follow, measurable and low-cost proposal: 1) measure the space (in m2) occupied by your home or your office/organization, and 2) help preserve an old-growth-forest, or tropical forest, EQUAL IN SIZE! You can join the effort as an individual, or an organization.
With 4€ you will help preserve 21m2 one of the last and most exceptional old-growth-forests identified in Catalonia (Spain) by a renowned public forest research institution. Preservation of the forest is handled by Acciónatura through the stumpage acquisition for a minimum of 25 years of these forests.
With 6€ you will help preserve 66m2 of Ecuadorian tropical forest. Preservation is handled through it’s acquisition in property by the Ecuadorian NGO EcoMinga.


The stumpage acquisition system will allow to save 25 years to find a definitive solution for the preservation of the forests.

Who will benefit?

You will benefit by knowing a natural habitat equal in size to your soil occupation is being preserved for present and future generations.
We’ll all benefit by preserving an old-growth-forest and tropical forests extremely rich in biodiversity and ecosystem services, living legacy of our past.
The owner of the old-growth-forest will benefit from a payment for ecosystem services provided by his forest, thus showing him/her a first alternative way of making profit from this exceptional forest apart from logging the trees and selling the wood.
The Ecuadorian NGO Ecominga will be able to expand it’s network of protected areas, and advance in it’s conservation efforts.
Local communities will benefit from the continuity of ecosystem services and associated biodiversity provided by the old-growth-forest and the tropical forests.

Project objectives

The objective of the project is to assure the preservation of the greatest number of non-purchasable old-growth-forest, preserving the surface demarcated in the Inventory of Unique Forests of Catalunya (IBSC) urgently.

Give the chance to everyone to compensate for their ecological footprint.

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