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Barcelona, Logroño, Madrid, Málaga y Murcia - Spain

The suffering and damaging consequences of drug abuse know no geographic, economic, social, religious or ethnic bounds. Every day individuals of every background – rich, poor, educated, illiterate, male, female, and even young children – fall victim to the disease of addiction. Forthermore the rising drugs and substance abuse in young people calls for urgent and focused intervention. The youth of the country need to be cautioned against drug abuse.

Funded thanks to:
  • Donors
  • Total raised
    • PcComponentes clients 10.000€
  • Direct beneficiaries 47

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 90

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Asociación Proyecto Hombre


  • Others 10.000€
  • Total 10.000€


The Association Proyecto Hombre (APH) is an organization that coordinates and represents 27 Proyecto Hombre centers in Spain. In these centers, people with drug consumption problems are primarily treated through three areas: prevention of substance abuse, rehabilitation and reintegration.

The project “Youth Project” is oriented towards adolescents with addiction problems. The main objective is to treat them when they begin having drug problems and to stop their violent behavior within their families, in schools and on the streets. In order to prevent young people from the effects of drugs, Proyecto Hombre does individual interviews with the young people and adolescents, group therapy sessions with young people who need it and training workshops for families.


To accomplish the "Youth Project" and the specific goal of warning young people about the present and future effects of drugs, these activities are carried out:

  • Individual interviews with young people and teenagers.
  • Group therapy sessions with young people who need it.
  • Training workshop for families.

Who will benefit?

With this project 30 youth from the centers of Proyecto Hombre located in Barcelona, Logroño, Madrid, Malaga and Murcia will receive the necessary support to prevent consumption and 70 families will be benefit indirectly from the program.

With a budget of 10,000€, 160 individual interviews will be done, 60 hours of self-help sessions to direct beneficiaries will be provided and families will be trained through targeted workshops.

Project objectives

To prevent the onset and reduce the progression of substance abuse across all adolescents by implementing drug prevention and treatment programs, and to give families the support that they need to change the situation in which they find themselves arise.

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