A story with social impact

What if we could make a micro-donation every time we use our card?

Connecting social causes

Worldcoo was created in 2012 in Barcelona as an online tool to connect companies with social causes in a free and efficient way. Since then, we’ve raised more than 16 million euros thanks to the 65 million-plus donations that have been made through our channels.

Launch of Charity Rounding up

After several years focused on the online environment, in 2017 we launched Charity Rounding Up, a new fundraising channel for shoppers to add a few cents to their purchase and make a donation every time they pay with a card at brick-and-mortar stores.
We process 100,000 donations a day
In 2023, we joined forces with Glovo and Delivery Hero. And in July of the same year, the 5,000-plus points of sale with Charity Rounding Up processed 100,000 donations a day.
Standard platform for online donations
Our strict social and environmental performance standards, as well as our public transparency and legal accountability, have been certified by B Corp since 2015. And the European Union has named Worldcoo as the standard platform for online donations.
International agreements
We currently have more than 680 partnership agreements with social entities around the world, funding projects in more than 40 countries. Our commitment is to make further headway, continuously advocating innovation, transparency and social commitment.

Small donations for big causes

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