Worldcoo thanks you for your solidarity

If you’ve made a donation through an e-Commerce site that uses the Worldcoo solidary widget, you can request your donation certificate right here.

It's really easy! Just enter the donation code you got when making the donation to request your certificate.

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  • The code entered is incorrect or has already been used.

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What is a donation code?

The donation code is a unique ID code provided by the e-commerce site after you donation the purchase confirmation page or receipt.

What is the donation certificate for?

The donation certificate is issued by the NGO and can be used for Income Tax deductions (Renta de las Personas Físicas - IRPF).

When will I receive the donation certificate?

The NGO will send you your certificate by post or email once the project has been fully funded and the funds transferred to the NGO. Here are the projects that have been fully funded.

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