Legal Notice

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the service of the website owned by WORLDCOO S.L. hereinafter the Web, with registered office VIA AUGUSTA 13-15 DESPACHO 603 Postal Code 08006 Town BARCELONA Province BARCELONA with CIF B65855611, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Volume 43326, Folio 180 and Sheet number B-425117, and which makes available to Internet users.


1. Warning and legal information

This Legal Warning regulates the use of the service of the website is property of WORLDCOO S.L. with social domicile to VIA AUGUSTA 13-15. OFFICE 603 Postal Code: 08006 Town: BARCELONA Province: BARCELONA with CIF B65855611, registered in the Barcelona Mercantile Registry, Volume 43326, 180 and Sheet number B-425117, and that puts to disposal of the users of Internet.

The utilization of the website attributes the condition of user of the web (in forward, “User”) and involves the full acceptance and without reservation of all and every one of the disposals included since the same moment in which the User accesses to the Web.

As a consequence, the User has to read attentively this text in every one of the occasions in which propose consult the web, since the content of the web can suffer modifications.


2. Object

This web has been created and designed to announce the services and products of the company, offer the possibility of making donations and allow general access for all Internet users.

Worldcoo is a free online tool that allows companies to fund social and cooperation projects through their Users. It acts as a crowdfunding platform allowing donations both in physical commercial establishments, through the Charity Rounding Up, and on electronic through the Charity Widget. Likewise, Worldcoo also develops web pages where Users are allowed to make donations.

The access and / or use of the Web attributes to who realizes it the condition of User and the acceptance, without reservation of any class, of all and every one of the present general conditions, as well as of those other particular that, if it can be, they govern the utilization of the Portal or of the services linked to the same.

In this sense, reserves the faculty to realize, anytime and without need of any pre warning, any modification or update of the contents and services, of the present disposals of access and use and, in general, of how many elements integrate the design and configuration of the web.

Worldcoo deserves the right to subcontract some Web services, such as electronic payment gateways, among other tools, in order to offer a better User experience. Any queries regarding the Web or any of the tools subcontracted by Worldcoo should be made directly to Worldcoo at:

Via Augusta Street, Office 603,08006 Barcelona – Spain : +34 936110104

Cif: B65855611.


3.1 Character of the Web utilization

The Web aims to establish an information and communication channel between the company and its clients or interested parties through the Internet, as well as offering Users the possibility of making donations.

4. Use of the website

The User agrees not to use the information on activities or services that the Web makes available to him to carry out activities contrary to the laws, morality or public order and, in general, to make use not in accordance with these general conditions.

For this purpose, the User will refrain from using any of the content for illegal purposes or effects, prohibited in this text, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable, overburden, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of content, other Users or any Internet User (hardware and software).

Users will be liable for damages of any nature that the company that owns the Web may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of non-compliance with any of the obligations derived from the use of the Web.

In particular, and for merely indicative and non-exhaustive purposes, the User undertakes not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and / or image files, or photographs of the Web.


5. Use of the code source

The code source, the graphic designs, the images, the photography, the animations, the software, the texts, the information and the contents that collect in the website are protected by the Spanish legislation, and do not allow the partial or total reproduction of the portal, neither his computer treatment, without the previous permission and in writing of his owners.


6. Contents of the website

The contents of the Web are made available to the User as their own information or, if appropriate, from third parties. In this way it will make reasonable means available to you because the content included on the Web is accurate and up-to-date.

The User agrees to use the content made available on the Web, understanding by these, without this list being limiting, the texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound content, as well as its graphic design and source codes, in accordance with the law, and other notices, regulations of use and instructions brought to your attention, as well as with morals and good customs, generally accepted, and the order public.

Its use for commercial purposes, its distribution, as well as its modification, alteration or compilation is strictly prohibited.


7. Making donations on the Web

Worldcoo makes various web environments available to Users to make donations to different social entities. Specifically, Users may:

Make specific donations: in which a single specific amount is contributed.

Make recurring donations: in which you contribute a recurring monthly amount domiciled on a credit card.


7.1 Payment methods

Donations may be paid through different forms of payment:


In the case of choosing payment by credit card (virtual POS), you will be connected to the secure website of a payment system provided by Banc Sabadell or by Adyen. On that screen, the credit or debit card details will be requested: card number and expiration date. The virtual POS page has the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the information provided.


In the case of opting for the Paypal payment platform, you will be connected to the system of said platform where the necessary data is requested to make the payment always according to the conditions of use of the Paypal service.


7.2 Prices, value of donations and frequency

The prices and frequency payment of donations are specified on the website. All prices offered include indirect taxes that are applicable in each case, unless otherwise stated. Usually, you can choose the amount to donate and the frequency of the donation in the forms on the website enabled for it.

As a donor you have the right to receive a donation certificate. To request it you must do it in the forms enabled for this purpose on the Web at the time of making the donation. Such request may not be processed a posteriori.


7.3 Tax deductions applicable to donations

As a donor you have the right to receive a donation certificate. To request it you must do it in the forms enabled for this purpose on the Web at the time of making the donation. Such request may not be processed a posteriori.


7.4 General conditions applicable to donations

Donations made on the Web will be irrevocable and no returns will be processed. Donors whose donation exceeds the amount of € 99 will be required to identify themselves on a form enabled for this purpose in compliance with Directive 2005/60 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 26, 2005, on the prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering and for the financing of terrorism and Law 10/2010, of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Any questions regarding donations must be made through one of the following channels:

Via Augusta 13 Street Office 603 08006 Barcelona – Spain

+34 936110104

Cif: B65855611.


8. Links

The web will be able to include in his contained links with pertaining places and / or manages for third, available through Internet.
The website does not assume any derivative responsibility of the existence of links of external contents to this place. These links or nominations have a purpose that do not involve the support, the approval, commercialization or relation any between the page and the people or entities headlines of the places where find.


9. Intellectual and industrial property

All the brands, trading names or distinctive signs of any class that appear to the website are property of WORLDCOO S.L. or of third authorized, without that it can understand that the use or access to the website attribute to the User any right on the quoted brands, trading names and / or distinctive signs.

Likewise, the Contents are property intellectual of WORLDCOO S.L. or of third, without that they can understand yielded to the User. Therefore, it remains on purpose forbidden the cession of the rights of property intellectual on the present web.

Any use not previously authorized by the company will be considered a serious breach of the author’s intellectual or industrial property rights.

Reproduction, distribution and public communication, including the method of making it available, of all or part of the contents of this website, for commercial purposes, in any medium and by any technical means, are expressly prohibited without the authorization of the company.


10. Advertising

The Website may host advertising or sponsored content. Advertisers or sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion on the Web complies with the laws that in each case may be applicable.

Our company will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that may be contained in advertising or sponsor content.


11. Responsibility

The User will answer of the damages and damages of all nature that can do as a consequence of the in compliment of any one of the obligations to which remains subjected by the law, or, if it fits, by the particular conditions that they are of application.


11.1. Responsibility in the Access to the Portal

WORLDCOO S.L. does not hold responsible of the damages or damages of any type produced in the User that bring cause of errors or disconnections to the networks of telecommunications that produce the suspension, cancelation Or interruption of the service of the website during the benefit of the same or with previous character.


11.2. Responsibility of the quality of the service and contained

The access to the web does not involve the obligation for part of WORLDCOO S.L. to control the absence of virus, worms or any one other computer element harmful. Correspond to the User, in any event, the availability of suitable tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs. WORLDCOO S.L. does not hold responsible of the damages produced in the computer teams, documents and / or files of the Users or of third during the benefit of the service to the Portal.

WORLDCOO S.L. does not hold responsible of the damages produced in the computer teams, documents and / or files of the Users or of third during the benefit of the service to the Portal.


11.3. Responsibility of the links

The service of access to the website can include technical devices of link that allow to the User access to other pages and portals of Internet. In these cases, WORLDCOO S.L. does not know the contents and services of the links or links and, therefore, does not do responsible of the damages produced by the illicit, quality, des update, in availability error and in utility of the contents and / or services of the links or links neither for any one other damage.


11.4. Applicable legislation

For the resolution of any conflict that may derive from access to the Web, the User and the company agree to expressly submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona, renouncing any other general or special jurisdiction that may correspond to them.